Janelle B. (thisisbogomip) wrote,
Janelle B.

Holy hell.

I've been so busy this quarter. This has been the most mentally draining quarter of my whole career at Kalamazoo, hands down. That's even compared to last quarter when I was writing my thesis. I think it's due to the horrible, cold Michigan winters, having one of my housemates permanently go off the deep end, having 2 classes that are far from my personal favorite topics, and worrying about what to do after graduation.

Kind of sad when you look forward to the weekend before finals because it means that you have just a buttload of studying as opposed to a buttload of homework.

It's 1:30 a.m. I just got back from programming for 8 hours straight. I hear people partying outside. I'm jealous of their free time. They must be Western kids.
I finished my last programming project. It took all of today. It's going to be presented tomorrow. It's not that I purposely put it off, but I had my final paper to write for my senior seminar and I had a huge project for chemistry and I chose to get those out of the way first. My senior seminar had our last class in the President's house (our seminar teacher is the college's president's husband). It's such a beautiful house! I really liked my teacher, I think I am going to go to graduate school for applied linguistics.

It's above freezing here, finally. You can smell the dirt, and the melting snow, and the grass. I slipped on the slick, mushy, half-dead grass on the way home a little bit ago. Bleh.

Want to see my last programming project?


It looks simple, yes. But the class isn't focused on the presentation of the video, but rather the programming we created to run the video. Here's a link to the programming that I had to write up to make the dinky video.


Never taking another programming class again.

Gotta study for finals. Then I get a busy spring break. Then one more quarter here. Always so busy.
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Heheh, cute video.
"And now I must flee"

Gave me a good laugh. ^_^