Janelle B. (thisisbogomip) wrote,
Janelle B.

Before I take off...


If you want some good wtf Japan, go into Youtube, type "Ebichu", and watch away.

I'm taking off for California tomorrow. I've said my goodbyes to my relatives and the few friends I have remaining here. It'll take 4 days. I'm happy and sad and scared and excited and anxious and nervous and all sorts of feelings.

It was a...time, Wayne. ~22 years. It's like a woolen sweater that never fit me properly but provided me with a small comfort that I've outgrown. I've grown past this stage, I'm ready and looking forward to moving on with my life to greater things and better places.

I'm ending this journal here. It's had a really good run; 6 years now I believe. Don't worry; I'll be starting a new one when I reach California. Most of you people will be on the friends list and I'll tell you the address ahead of time.

Hasta luego/ Ja ne!
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Have great trip! see good stuff! Take pix and I'll see you in Sac!!!
I'm so happy for you, Janelle! I know you are going to have a great time in California!!!

Travel safe and stay in touch!

P.S. I don't really wanna know what this "Ebichu" thing is...but I'm intrigued....
I'm scared of Ebichu...and I haven't even looked at it! I know you'll do well in California, and be safe!

End of journal, waaah! How fitting though. One part of your life is over, but a new one is beginning. Aw :)