Janelle B. (thisisbogomip) wrote,
Janelle B.

Three things.

1.) The board game "Kill Doctor Lucky" is fucking AWESOME. Part long-time strategy, part luck. I wanted to get the cheap version at cheapass.com (it literally comes with just a board and some cards, they cut out the bullshit so they can cut the price to $7) but it seems that they discontinued the cheap version, ugh. I'm debating shelling out the $25 for the average board game, but I just might for this one.

2.) Miracle fruit is also fucking AWESOME. You can buy it online, $20 for around 20 tries. It's a fruit from Africa that's ground into a powder. After letting the powder dissolve on your tongue, everything tastes really sweet for a good half an hour. We were guzzling lemon juice the entire time with no problem. Would have tried it with more things but we didn't have anything else on us at the time except for fruit (it was just extra sweet) coffee, and Guiness (friends said that it tasted drastically different).

3.) Have to go to mom's/grandma's today for dinner. Egh. Not so fucking awesome.
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