Janelle B. (thisisbogomip) wrote,
Janelle B.

Three things.

1.) The board game "Kill Doctor Lucky" is fucking AWESOME. Part long-time strategy, part luck. I wanted to get the cheap version at cheapass.com (it literally comes with just a board and some cards, they cut out the bullshit so they can cut the price to $7) but it seems that they discontinued the cheap version, ugh. I'm debating shelling out the $25 for the average board game, but I just might for this one.

2.) Miracle fruit is also fucking AWESOME. You can buy it online, $20 for around 20 tries. It's a fruit from Africa that's ground into a powder. After letting the powder dissolve on your tongue, everything tastes really sweet for a good half an hour. We were guzzling lemon juice the entire time with no problem. Would have tried it with more things but we didn't have anything else on us at the time except for fruit (it was just extra sweet) coffee, and Guiness (friends said that it tasted drastically different).

3.) Have to go to mom's/grandma's today for dinner. Egh. Not so fucking awesome.
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What is this "Kill Dr. Lucky"?! Sounds pretty sweet! Miracle Fruit also sounds awesome--maybe I would actually eat vegetables if I had some XD
I would definitely recommend buying some miracle fruit if you can get ahold of it. It's gotta be imported from England, who imports it from Africa. Strange...you would think that America would be on anything that would make food taste even sweeter like white on rice. I would definitely try it with vegetables if I can get my hands on some. It works especially well with bitter things.

I only played "Kill Doctor Lucky" twice, but I'm definitely hooked. Like I said, it's part luck, part strategy. But not so much strategy as chess, which bores and frustrates me. It's kind of like Clue only you're trying to kill the victim. The lights in the house have gone out at each player is trying to kill Doctor Lucky as he stumbles around the dark house. You can thwart other players' attempts as they do yours. You can snoop for objects, move him and yourself to different areas of the house, and kill him with lots of stuff (certain items have a higher percentage of success when used in certain rooms) but you cannot kill him if anyone else is in the same room or in an adjacent room that looks into yours. It's a lot of fun. It was originally a product of cheapass.com but they've discontinued it so I'll have to buy the full, expensive version of the game off a store online. Even then, I think it'll be worth it.