Janelle B. (thisisbogomip) wrote,
Janelle B.


I finally got my driver's license today. Just never really felt comfortable. Hell, I still don't feel comfortable but I had to get it. I'm glad my aunt gives me the forceful shove whether I want it or not. I aced the Y-parking and parallel parking no problem and even survived the road test despite having a major migrane (that I gave myself from stressing out so much) and the fact that during the highway part the truck in front of us dropped its couch right in front of my car.
The car is acting a little funky. I don't know how much I trust it. Strange errors on the computer...wtf is an ESD Regalt? Is that German?

Getting some good, strong storms lately. Fun to watch. I like the storms because when it's not storming it's all muggy and sticky.
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