Janelle B. (thisisbogomip) wrote,
Janelle B.

The whole idea is outdated. Especially during tenth week.

I fucking hate daylights savings time, it always comes when I need that hour of time the most. XO
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I was out until almost two last night, looking forward to sleep tonight, then I saw a sign at work about dst, and I was pissed :-(
Lori and I were literally just discussing this. It's sooooo unnecessary!

I hope you're doing okay, Janelle!
It really is. I keep reading about how it's not even necessary nowadays and all it does is increase car accidents since people aren't used to the hour change. I think they should just keep it on the summer time all year round, ugh...I especially hate it since I have so much to do (last week of the quarter, projects ahoy!) and it's just an extra variable that I did not need.
I'll survive, but this definitely isn't helping.
I hope you're doing okay, too!